Monday, June 16, 2014

Seaching for Roy G Biv - reminder

I took a peek at my calendar this morning, attempting to figure out when studio time might be possible once Wednesday has come and gone, being the last day of school for my little urchins as it is, and guess what
caught my eye?

This Thursday is June 19 which means it's time for the next installment in the search for Roy G Biv. We're up to 
I = indigo. If you decide to play along and post photos of indigo, just leave a comment with Julie or me and we'll be happy to link to your post. 

Happy hunting!


June 19 - indigo
July 17 - violet
August 21 - pink
September 18 - black
October 16 - white
November 20 - brown
December 18 - blogger's choice


  1. That Roy just sneaks up every month! I'll be scrounging around for this one. Went to the local (very small) farmers' market and found....yellow!! but no indigo...

    1. Roy is one sneaky guy. I swear he laughs at us each month.

  2. Jennifer, I'll be considerably late with my indigo, as I'll be leaving for Florida tomorrow morning. Will look forward to seeing all the posts when I get back!

    1. Have a wonderful time in Florida Sharmon. Safe travels!


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