Friday, June 20, 2014

Marks - June 19

Summer vacation has begun which means lots of activities with the little urchins until their summer camp begins mid-July. We went to see How to Train Your Dragon 2 yesterday and it was great!

Being that there's a stretch of very little studio time ahead, I've set a daily challenge for myself - to make a mark...or two...per day. It's building on what was begun during the 5th annual artist retreat at Pam's.

The key for me is to keep the marks simple. Yesterday morning, feeling in a mood to stitch yet

 lacking the time, stitch-like marks were added in a couple of places.

 I entered the studio this morning intending to add another mark

summer marks #1, 2014

and ended up deciding that the page is done. Time for a new sheet.


  1. Great idea for a summer challenge! I've been so discombobulated recently. Trying hard to finish up stuff for a new newsletter but distracted by house cleaning before Mom shows up next week, getting stuff together for art camp next week and leaving town today for a long weekend in Va Beach. Yikes!

    1. Goodness! You are busy!!! I was going to ask what your plans for the summer are and how the book is progressing, but will wait. Have a great time in Va Beach.

  2. I like the idea of making 'stitch' marks with a pen and often do it on my sketch book work. it gives marks that wander in a very intriguing way.
    This is such a good idea for a challenge and I love your first three. I was very motivated to give it a go following your fantastic posts after your artist's retreat but time has just not been on my side at all. I always need a stretch of time at the start of an idea and I won't get it for a while now ... ah well ...

    1. The stitch marks are fun, aren't they? I love the freedom they have to turn this way or that...or to spiral at will.

      The idea for my mark a day challenge was partially inspired by Karen over at Day In & Day Out (see my side bar for link). She set a 100 days of intuitive mark making challenge for herself and has now surpassed the 100 day mark. Just imagine setting a 365 day challenge...

      I particularly like the idea of intuitive mark making - totally of the moment, no planning needed, just grab pencil/paint brush/whatever-is-at-hand and paper and have a go. Then walk away.

      That's what Pam and I did. Paper was laid out in the annex, waiting. We worked in the other room and one of us would eventually heed the call to make a mark. At some point, the other would. We'd go back and forth until we deemed a sheet done. Then another sheet of paper would come out. It was great fun playing off of each other's marks. And it was all intuitive.


  3. Hi J - it seems both a challenge and an offering to self to force oneself of give oneself the opportunity to do a little creativity each day. I know that it would add balance to my life if I could get myself into the studio each day for a little creation - something to aspire to. Go well and create well. B

    1. Well said Barry. It is both a challenge and an offering...especially now that the girls are out of school. Studio time is precious right now and this allows for a tiny bit of it. Enjoy!


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