Thursday, April 17, 2014

Searching for Roy G Biv - Green, update 3

Green, the color of balance and harmony, of spring, re-birth and renewal is April's color in the search for Roy G Biv. Enjoy the photos!

school mural, New York


Farmicia, Philadelphia

graffiti, New York

graffiti, New York

 outdoor sculpture, Kent, CT

 New York

 sculpture by Paul Villinski, New York gallery

 New York

 the lady herself...sort of, Times Square, New York

The last 3 are outside the Gershwin Theatre, New York.
Can you guess what's playing there?
If you've greens to share, just leave a comment here or on Julie's blog and we'll be happy to link to you. I'll be updating tomorrow night after we return from a trip to Dollywood. It's spring break week and we're playing. 

Please pardon my lateness at updating and linking your greens. Our Dollywood outing lasted all day, in fact, we closed the park down. By the time we returned to my parents', we stumbled into bed and were asleep the second our heads hit the least I was. Can't vouch for the rest.

Stroll on over to see the wonders that have been found:

Julie has a kaleidoscope of greens
Fiona's Thursday Thoughts addresses ordinary, yet verdant, things
Sharmon has captured spring arriving beautifully
Jill shares cards from a postcard swap 
Mary Ann has arty greens
Maya has an electic selection...including tea
Charlton Stitcher has a landscape of greens
Lisa shares Florence's greens
Barry has patinated greens

Have you got green that we've yet to link to? Just leave a message here or on Julie's blog and we'll be happy to include your post. Enjoy!


Susan over at Flying Dog Studios has a belated batch of greens to share. Seems her new studio is complete and she's been busy painting. Congrats Susan!

Yarngoddess has a delightfully eclectic gathering of greens. Somehow I missed her post first time around. Sorry about that!


Bridgette has greens from the pacific northwest as well as a few from her own yard. And one that is oh so precious.

May's color is blue.

May 15 - blue
June 19 - indigo 
July 17 - violet
August 21 - pink 
September 18 - black
October 16 - white 
November 20 - brown
December 18 - blogger's choice


  1. Wow - what a lot of nice greens you have! I love the butterfly sculpture, the Wicked ads, and especially the New York grafitti! I also have published my greens!

  2. We saw Wicked in Jan, fun show! Love all the place you found 'green". You get around girl!
    I posted my green warning it's a long post!

  3. Wonderful selection of greens! Fun to play Roy B Giv day!

  4. I love your collection of urban greens, Jennifer! That Villinski sculpture seems to epitomize spring - and you did a beautiful job capturing that quality...
    Enjoy your getaway!

  5. For a girl who never chooses or uses green - I found lots that I like! The sculptures, the Philly bike sign, the attic, the graffiti…good green sleuthing!

  6. Wheew! Just got my green up, Jennifer. I love these of yours, especially the butterfly sculpture and of course, the green-fitti!
    Best wishes, sus

  7. wonderful greens! Just got my post up, a few days late, but didn't want to miss it.


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