Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Stitching Summit 2014 - snow day

Winter storm Titan moved through the area yesterday and gave us the gift of an extra day. 

I wandered out early to see what the world looked like. And then the real snow arrived, 
but it was so nice inside that a second stroll didn't happen.

We did a bit of canning,




and mark making

interspersed with bouts of laughing so well that tissues were needed to wipe the tears away.

We gathered around the kitchen table most of the day, coming and going with ease as stories and ideas flowed. A recorder should have been set aside to capture it all to help insure that little slips through the cracks of daily life...for there were some excellent ideas bandied about.

Our time together ends today. The sounds of packing can be heard. Soon we'll start the drives and catch the flights that will take us home. It will take a while to digest the enormity of this weekend. 

Christine, Kelly, Lotta and Erin - Thank you for such an amazing gathering! I can't wait til July.


  1. I sense wonderful stuff - friendship, stitching and making. How lucky you are!

    1. Very lucky indeed! I knew Christine and Kelly already, but had yet to meet Lotta and Erin. It was one big mutual admiration gathering in one sense. In another, it was simply old friends meeting again after a long time apart. Truly wonderful!

  2. What a wonderful time it was. Thank you for being there!

    1. It was such a pleasure to have been included in the gathering. A dream come true. And to think we get to do it again in July. Woohoo!!!!!

  3. Safe travels home. Your cup must be overflowing with creativity, love and joy!

  4. J - how rewarding and inspiring gatherings with like artists can be - looks like it was a creatfest. Go well. B


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