Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Another frosty beginning

Brilliant blue skies + overnight below freezing temps = a sparkling morning frost.

Patterns appeared everywhere.

Frozen crop circle or faerie ring?

A grove of ancient trees

 sheltering travelers along the way.

 Elders speak of olden times

 while the young ones romp and play.

The sages sit and ponder...

 who will shine the brightest?


  1. Now that's making lemonade out of lemons.

  2. More exquisite images, I can't get over the beauty of the ice crystals.

  3. love your images and your wonderful imagination x

  4. OMG I'm speechless at their beauty....

  5. Hi J - such beauty and so brilliantly captured - love the macro shots of the frost crystals - very steady hand. B

  6. Wow... these are so beautiful. Especially the frozen crop circle!! Was that a pattern of ice in the rings of a tree?

  7. Thank you Peggy, Debbie, Lynda, Fiona, Barry and Valerianna!

    Barry - Should I admit to resting the camera on the deck rail to help steady it? Thankfully it didn't slide on the frost!

    Valerianna - The frozen crop circle is on the end of one of the posts on the deck rail. Not sure why the wood was cut that way, but love the patterns it gives.

  8. Oh what beauty nature provides. You have captured such beauty here Jennifer! These images are stunning. I love the patterns frost provides.
    You asked a question about my winter window view - I posted an answer there, but thought I would answer it here as well - My little studio is in the loft of our timber frame home. This window starts on the main floor of our house, and I can look through the top section when I am in my loft studio - but I mostly see it, as I walk down the stairs from the loft to the main floor. You can usually see the mountains through the trees, but the day I took this photo, the mountains were covered with clouds and it was snowing

    1. Such a wonderful window to have Kim! While we've never had such an exquisite window, our previous house had a 2-story family room, the back wall of which was all windows. I rarely turned the lights on because of all the sunlight. Just a night actually. Our current house doesn't have that and I miss it terribly. So...let's just say I have window envy. Ha! Enjoy!


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