Saturday, November 9, 2013

My Friday

Yesterday morning,

I took a seat in the quiet car

 and finished stitching the cover edges of my being present notebook.

The train's movement had me wondering...

what it would be like to record my presence during the ride.

Once in Philly and nicely settled into my hotel room, I began to walk. First to Tria to quiet the rumblings of my hungry tummy

 and then to Liao Collection

to quiet the rumblings of my soul.

There's a corner of this most wondrous place - calling it a store just doesn't seem right - that I could happily and contentedly exist in. This door is part of that space.

For my classmates in Tactile Notebooks, this is Sandra's friend's place. Click here to see the post about my 2012 visit during FiberPhiladelphia.


 With the rumblings satisfied, I resumed walking. 

 Connect detail, oil, encaustic and object on wood panel, 2013

 This time to Snyderman Gallery to see the paintings of Graceann Warn.

 Three, detail, oil and encaustic on wood panel, 2013

 Three, detail, oil and encaustic on wood panel, 2013

My wandering took me to the Wexler Gallery where these beauties were. David Trubridge's Baskets of Knowledge, Kete Aonui (left) and Kete Tuauri, 2009.

Kete Aonui - bamboo plywood with plastic clips, shrouds hand sanded PETG plastic. 
Kete Tuauri - aluminum with rivets, shrouds hand sanded PETG plastic.

 Kete Tuauri inside

 Kete Tuauri outside

 Kete Aonui

That's probably more photos than needed...or wanted?...but I just couldn't resist. 

Mind still realing from Trubridge's magnificent light sculptures, I managed to stumble over to Farmacia at my reserved time.

A Prosecco with rose essence and berries was most restorative. In case you're wondering...yes, my vacations do tend to center around art and food. Both nourish and satisfy my soul. And that is a good thing, wouldn't you say?


  1. OH, this trip looks refreshing. loving your newest covered journal. Wish I lived closer to you. xo C

    1. Did I ever tell you that we nearly ended up moving to Columbus in 2005? Now wouldn't that have been fun? Then again, if I'd been in Columbus, seeing your work at FiberPhiladelphia would not have happened. If memory serves correctly, it was blogging about your pieces at Kellijane that began our friendship. Still, closer would be nice...

  2. Love your recordings on the train and your stitch, love those gorgeous doors ......sigh
    Love the spectacular lights and the brilliant links. In fact I love!!! Everything.
    Thanks for sharing Jennifer, have a super weekend. Marilyn xx

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the post Marilyn! The idea for recording the movement of the train is one of the exercises from Sandra Brownlee's Tactile Notebooks class...only then we were recording our own movement as we walked through town. It was loads of fun, especially as my camera is always recording what I see, but very rarely me. I hope you've had a wonderful weekend as well. Enjoy!

  3. {{ oh my yes
    to follow you around
    on one of your Field Trips !!

    shadow & light !!


    thanks for sharing, Jennifer,
    i might miss
    of Good Stuff

    1. You are most welcome! I attempted to comment about your enlightening post this morning to tell you how much I liked it, but, alas, Wordpress didn't want to play well. Seems we both are intrigued by light and shadows. Isn't it wonderful?

  4. Sigh. A delightful wander with you and may I say, what's not to like about trips that are filled with food and art? Perfection. Looks like you enjoyed your time away - see you soon.

    1. Good food and good's just a natural pairing, isn't it? Glad you enjoyed wandering with me. Now...we'll need to work on having that wander actually be together some time.


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