Thursday, September 5, 2013

Scotland - Tactile Notebooks Day 5

All too soon, Friday arrived. The last day of Tactile Notebooks and the Written Word. Not wanting to dwell on just what that meant, yet feeling reflective, I began my day as had become my habit.

A flock of birds skimmed along the river's surface

having swooped down from the clouds just seconds before.

Friday's lunch.

 The afternoon

had a few more exercises.


The last being that of responding to words given us by Sandra.


Monday's writing exercise -
blue ink below sumi ink,
written, painted, cut, woven
to obscure my original words - too personal, too insecure.
Tea bags - rusted, printed, sewn
secured with a horse hair circle -
a gift from my table mate and friend.

My walk through Newburgh, documented by holding pencil to paper 
and letting the marks happen, then choosing an area stitch.
 Silky black Habu with chartreuse DMC.
More writing - about being present, centered, focused, here, now.

The week ended with gathering upstairs to read our 
27 words before sharing a bit of our notebooks.

We gave thanks to Sandra for an amazing experience.

One last look into the room that held such magic. 
That big middle table, upper left was my spot. 
Kelly to my right,
Katie directly across.
Jill beside Katie. 

A truly surprising and magical week.


  1. This looks like it was a truly amazing experience, if I'd known you were taking part, I may have made the long trek up north to have taken part in India's class, instead of doing down here, delightful though that was,though the expense would have been a problem.
    It would have been good to have met you in person.

    1. Debbie, Sandra's workshop was an amazing experience. One of those that will always be remembered. That is life/art changing. Yep. It was that kind of experience.

      It would have been great to meet! India was actually a student in Sandra's workshop. A total delight. Enjoy!

  2. Jennifer, your sharing of this marvelous workshop experience makes me all the more joyfully anticipate my upcoming workshop on Lopez Island with India Flint. Time set apart to focus on making our mark is invaluable.
    best wishes, sus

    1. Have a fantastic time with India! I'm jealous...

  3. jennifer, it's been really fine to follow along here. thank you.

    1. It's been lovely to have you join me! We'll have to try it in person sometime...


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