Thursday, June 20, 2013

Searching for Roy G Biv II - Blue updated

I have something to tell you...I've fallen in love with blue. This affair began last fall when I went to Cleveland for an India Flint workshop. With Friday free, I visited the Cleveland Museum of Art and experienced Work No. 965: Half the air in any given space by Martin Creed.

A room of 3 glass walls filled halfway with the form of balloons. I looked at this room from so many angles. Listened to the laughter of those within. Watched many braver than I squeeze through the doors. Oh! How badly I wanted to experience this.

You see, I'm a bit claustrophobic so just the idea of being covered - even in balloons - had me wanting to run and find a safe spot from which to observe. But observing wasn't at all what I desired.

Finally, one thought occurred to me. I'd just had an MRI a week or so before going to Cleveland. I stood outside the balloon filled room and thought that if I could survive an MRI, I could walk through a room of balloons. The video is mine. Yes. I did it and it was the experience of a lifetime...and the beginning of my love affair with blue.

wall paper detail at Topaz, Washington, DC

vases in the ladies room at the Society of Conptempory Craft, Pittsburgh, PA

flower pots in Pittsburgh

Washington, DC door

 construction wall in the DC Metro, Dupont Circle stop

 bowl at The Phillips Collection gift shop

 lamp at Table Top, Washington, DC

dragon at the annual Frog Frolic in May

canoes outside LL Bean

My Saturday mornings have been spent watching the girls take swimming lessons. 
Well...yes, I did watch them, but I also took photos of the water.

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As always, if you know of blues that have been posted yet have escaped Julie's or my notice, please let us know and we'll be happy to link to the post. The more, the merrier applies in the search for Roy G Biv!


  1. Oh such a rich and varied range of blues - and you give lots more to explore when I have more time tomorrow.

    1. Enjoy exploring the blues. Several listed just happen to have blues in their regular posts, but I like them so much that it just didn't seem right to not include them. Thanks for joining us on this journey!

  2. Loving the variety of these blues from that wild video to that serene window view...

    1. That serene window was such a surprise. I'm happy that the camera captured it so well.

  3. I too love your blues! The balloons are amazing. The water in the pool delightful, and the vases in the window breathtakingly beautiful!

    1. Thank you Kim! The balloons were truly the experience of a lifetime...right up there with a hot air balloon ride and Ann Hamilton's The Event of a Thread.

  4. Blue has always been my favorite. The balloon experience looks like it was quite amazing!

  5. Hi J - blue can't be all bad - great set of images. B

  6. Lovely cheerful blues and a striking video! Your pool water composition is just perfect. You frame your shots in a way that brings new life to everyday scenes and objects, always a joy to view.

    I tried to schedule my 'Blue' entry but failed, so I had to post it manually today:


  7. Here it is June 24 and I'm too late for the challenge but I've done a blue post anyway. I've always loved blue and this is just a delight to see so many variations. The balloon video is wonderful! You must be very pleased you did it now. The window photograph is a tour de force!

  8. HI J - lots of lovely blueness her; I always enjoy going thru and picking my favourite. This month its those pool shots - brilliant!


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