Friday, April 26, 2013

Pittsburgh - Morgan Contemporary Glass Gallery

On Tuesday, before venturing over to the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts to view part 2 of Fiberart International 2013, Pam and I visited the Morgan Contemporary Glass Gallery on Ellsworth Avenue. If you like glass and ever find yourself in Pittsburgh, this gallery is a must see. 

 A flock of free flying birds 

 greeted us upon entering.

 A bit of red caught my eye

 and another bit begged to be tried on.
(and bought...just couldn't resist the circles)

 Felted necklaces and bracelets by Maria Eife,
part of her Binary Collection.

Then a bit of orange caught my eye.

 Jan Kransberger
kiln cast glass, pate de verre

I turned and realized that we'd arrived in time to view the Morgan's annual teapot exhibition. While plenty of photos were taken, I'm only going to share my favorites. A complete catalog can be downloaded here (it's located mid-page) which has individual, professional photos of each work in the exhibit. It's well worth a browse.

 Kelly O'Dell
Saddle Up
blown, sculpted, glass, 14k gold fill wire,
green garnet, semi-precious stones

flameworked, cast glass

Bumblebee Teapot
black ash, beads, waxed linen thread,
paper cord, wire, tubing

 Cory McCrory
House on Tufted Hill
stoneware, paperclay, underglaze, glaze,
high temp wire

 Kirsten Stingle
Procession of the Muse
handbuilt porcelain stoneware,
underglazes, metal wire

 Angus Powers
High Tea
blown glass

Mind-Boggling Bulbous Blend
blown, overlaid, cut, polished,
lathe-worked, epoxied glass

 Michelle Knox
Water, Tea, Then Reverence
blown glass

Minds swirling and creative energies renewed,


Pam and I strolled down the street to Daphne Cafe & Grill for lunch where we soaked up the sun while feasting like queens. Pam spied an art object that brought Ronnie and her wonderful weekly art objects to mind. Ronnie, this one is for you...courtesy of Mother Nature and Pam.

Stay tuned for part 2 of Fiberart International...that's where we went after lunch.


  1. I can see why your mind is a-swirling after all that you've been seeing the past several days - thanks for sharing so many delightful details here...

    1. You're very welcome Lisa! Pittsburgh was a delightful town and no doubt we'll be back for the next Fiberart International...maybe even with a piece in it next time. Fingers crossed!

  2. Did you purchase the necklace? it looks good. And might I add that you have a superb eye for capturing art in photos. I might need you to photograph my work!

    1. I did purchase the necklace...even wore it the other night with a black, white and red vest that I got at the Smithsonian Craft Show.

      Pam says I can photograph your work after I do hers. Ha! Glad you both like my photography skills.

  3. Just found you via Ronnie and I'm really enjoying all the wonderful photos - what a trip you've had. And the necklace is very beautiful!

    1. Welcome Carol! Glad you like the photos and necklace. It was such a fun trip that I'm ready to go again. Now, if only my husband and daughters will agree...


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