Friday, March 22, 2013

The Search for Roy G Biv II - Orange

I'm a bit late posting my oranges this time. A whole day late actually. Can I blame it on our new internet service which, supposedly, works at the same speed as the old service? Can I blame it on waiting until the little urchin were in bed and then crawling in bed myself with my lap top on my lap and thinking I hit the publish button before falling asleep? I can? Good. Both instances are true...although this one most likely falls more to user error.

As oranges are still inside trying to stay warm up (where is spring?), I've culled back through the archives to re-post some favorites as well as a few newbies. Enjoy!

kinetic sculpture outside Silvermine Arts Center

building in New York

my discharged cottons dancing on the breeze

Go Fish cards

felted wall hanging 

lobster at the aquarium

antique kimono fabric sent by Pam

robot necklace


A huge Thank You! to those aiding in the search for Roy this month. In the mood for more orange? 

have orange. Do you?


  1. Shame I missed orange - we had been away and I hadn't followed up on which colour it was to be, but have now worked out its ROY proper! I shall just go wandering thru everybody else's now...See you for yellow I hope.

    1. Not to worry Fiona...I neglected to post a reminder about Roy. Your comment on figuring out that its ROY proper made me realize that it might be a good idea to post the monthly color/date ahead of time. What do you think? A Roy calendar?

      Hope you had fun on your travels! I'm counting the days until my next trip...leave in 30 days. Woohoo!!!

  2. Replies
    1. Took a bit this time...sorry about that. Suffering from that ennui that strikes between the end of winter and beginning of spring with a bit of disappointment over not being able to move back to VA. Just has me dragging this week. April's travel week can't come soon enough!

  3. nice to see color. will winter ever end?
    I love corny jokes,
    why did the orange stop rolling down the hill? It ran out of juice!

    1. Love the joke! It has me smiling as my day begins.

  4. Now that I've finally gotten my 'oranges' posted (you weren't that last one), I am indulging in a perusal of everyone else's.
    Your cottons are stunning - I love their dancing! And especially with that image following soon after the one of the girls with the giant 'pinwheel' (are they blowing on it?!)...sweet - and much a sense of movement.
    Even if spring isn't properly here yet, I'm sure all of this exposure to orange must be emotionally therapeutic for ROY G BIV participants/viewers.

    1. Yes. Ellie was blowing on the giant pinwheel to help it move. Just too funny. I tried explaining that it was metal and needed the wind to blow, but...


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