Thursday, January 10, 2013


Three years ago today, I was sitting at my favorite Starbucks, fingers poised over my laptop keyboard and trying desperately to think of how to start this blog. After all, a blank computer screen = a blank canvas and we all know how intimidating those can be.

Three years later, I continue to be amazed at all that has come into my life as a result of finally figuring out what to write that day. The most precious being the friendships that have formed.

Unless you are totally new to the just-this-week type've seen photos of the rusty can that was rescued from the side of the road.

The last time it appeared, I'd wrapped it in cotton thread and thrown it out in the snow. I don't think it appreciated being put out there. In fact, it refused to play nicely with the thread and didn't share its rust. So...back inside it came and we've been having fun ever since.

Rusty can + cotton thread + a spritz of vinegar + or - a spot of tea =

a few unique and colorful threads.

To celebrate my 3rd blogging anniversary and, especially, to say thank you for finding my little blog and going on this art journey with me, I'd like to share some of my rusty threads and maybe another tidbit or two with...what else?...3 of you.

If you'd like to throw your name into the proverbial hat, just leave a comment on this post with your email address or some way of contacting you in case your name is drawn. On January 16, I'll let my little urchins each choose the lucky winners.

Good luck!


  1. Hi Jennifer,
    I've enjoyed your blog and gorgeous rusty things for a while now and would love to throw my hat in the ring for a chance in your draw - wishing you many more years x 3 blogging and creating.
    kind regards
    Jane in New Zealand

  2. Happy Three Years of Blogging, Jennifer ! I am relatively new to you blog as I found you through e.b. last summer. I am in love with rust bits though, because of all the beauty artists like you have shared. Thanks fo rthe chance to win some goodies !
    Here's to more blogging artistry to come !

  3. I so enjoy reading your blog. I love watching what you do with your rusty bits. It is so nice to know l am not the only "mad bag woman" ( that's what my family call me..lovingly of course!) picking up rusty tines etc.! Haxx

  4. Hi ... it would be lovely to work with your rusty string. congratulations on your 3 years and may there be many many more. >>> Gina

  5. congrats on surviving the trials of blogmanship for 3 years. I have been enjoying your work for several months and hope you can keep on!please put my name in the hat for "goodies". thanks , lyle

  6. ahhhh you're such a generous soul jennifer - perusing your rusty bits has been such a delight -- makes me want to go get rusting for myself! (I found a lovely old long steel pipe in the middle of our paddock the other night - it made me think of you...

  7. Great variations in the threads... love them! valerianna at verizon dot net
    Happy blog anniversary!!

  8. ignore all the others - just put my name in three times!!!! Hello Jennifer. 3 years. My goodness. I have not yet reached 1 but what a wonderful experience it has been. Wishing you many 'instances of the number 3' ....

  9. I would love a little of your arty goodness. Please put my name in the draw :)

  10. jennifer, it's cool that you are so close (well, relatively speaking) and that you are in the ethers, despite being right there in civilization.

  11. it's remarkable how the interpixies have helped forge friendships - and it was a delight to meet you in Cleveland last year. but don't worry about putting my name in the hat, delicious as those threads are. i'm well supplied :o)

  12. dear rust muse
    I have been threading my way
    over here
    for some time now
    having found me
    I believe
    my journaling ventures
    back whenever...

    my blog turned 6
    this last Dec. 27
    and yes,
    I have been pondering
    some sort of celebration...

    once again
    you have given me the nudge
    so stay tuned
    let me just say
    that you are a touch stone
    many thanks
    for all that you share...

    happy happy,
    xox - eb.

  13. I want to Thank you for your blog. I recently found it and looked at all your entries. It inspired me to restart my blog creativelyanew. Your fabric escapades have brought me back to fabric and to share my creativity again.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart. The internet is such a giving place to find kindred souls who have never met. Again thank you and congratulations with your blog.
    Dawn Wilson

  14. Happy anniversary! Thanks for sharing your art on this blog including all that lovely thread. Throw my name in the hat please.

  15. Happy three years blogging! I'd love to go in your hat.
    Here's to the next three and many more!

  16. So, here I am from France looking at your blog and the beautiful threads.
    Please put my name in the hat and maybe the threads will come to me in France.


  17. Three years and such an informative and entertaining blog please but my name in your hat. I've just thought it might be my year anniversary , I must check

  18. Hi J - amazing where three years have gone - but given the amount of creativity and the great blog art community time just flies. I was wondering about snow and rust - if I were rust I wouldn't work in the snow either - just too cold. But looks like you have had a good haul indoors with the humble can and thread. Go well and continue to rust well. B

  19. Hi J - from one forever grateful that you hit the keyboard and kept on going - congratulations! I smile nearly every time I pop on over and it honestly feels at times as if I'm in the studio alongside you., going yeah or wow, or maybe...? I love your spirit of adventure and exploration - and how you grabbed the 'what if?' mantra and made it your own. Your rusty string is such a great example of that. Looking forward to another three...or more.

  20. Happy 3rd blogiversary. It really is an amazing journey for those of us who have embraced this public writing thing.

    I'm in UK, if that's okay for throwing a little rusty thread my way, then pop my name in too.

  21. Congratulations Jennifer. Three years of blogging is a wonderful accomplishment. So happy I had the pleasure to actually meet you in 2012. It would be nice to say I received some of your rusty thread in 2013. Who but a mixed media artist would even understand that last sentence!

  22. Congratulations, Jennifer! I just had a look at where it all began, three years ago, and am inspired to catch up on the many posts you wrote before I learned about your blog in the spring/summer of last year. I've really enjoyed your lovely story-telling, your art & stunning images, and your generous spirit of sharing. Thank you for creating such a warm & welcoming place to visit.
    And a funny thing...I just marked one year on Blogger yesterday too (and am also celebrating by doing a giveaway!).
    Here's to another year...

  23. it's taken me a while to get over here to comment and wish you a very happy 3 years! A great accomplishment and one I aspire to...I am also aspiring to win some of that thread! I promise to make something wonderful with it! Love you "blog qu(d)een"!

  24. How fun! Your blog is one of my favourites. When you pop up in my reader, I know I'm going to be inspired by something.

    Congrats on 3 years.

  25. Wow!!! I kinda stepped away from the computer for the past few days in order to care for my little urchins who picked up strep throat from their classmates and look what happened...24 names thrown into the hat and another 3 from Facebook. I'm honored! Thank you all!

    Jane - It's good to see your name appearing again. Thank you for continuing to this art journey with me. Happy 2013!

    Kim M - It's a joy to have you join in the fun. I've been following your and eb's exploits too. Such creative energy flows from you both. Happy 2013!

    Lynda - family has yet to call me a "mad bag woman"...mostly it's just plain mad! My husband had finally become accustomed to me picking up rusty bits, but now our daughters are doing it too. He's doomed and he knows it. Poor man! Ha! Thank you for continuing to follow my little blog and journey back into the art world. Good luck!

    Gina - Thank you for finding my little blog and for joining me in my rusty explorations. Happy 2013!

    Lyle - I'm happy to add your name to the hat! I hope 2013 has been good to you so far and will continue to be. Good luck!

    Ronnie - You've got me salivating over your rusty find. The fun you can have with that! Just wrap it with fabric and spritz with a little vinegar...or dribble a tad of tea and watch the magic. I'm honored to add your name to the hat!

    Valerianna - Thank you! The threads have been fun to work with and I can't wait to see how someone else uses them. Happy 2013 and good luck!

    Susan - Ha! Good try my dear. Hey...I just checked and it seems that you're coming up on your 1 year blogging anniversary next month. Congratulations!

    Leanne E - Your name has been added. Thank you for continuing to follow the blog. Good luck on the 16th!

    Velma - It's funny to realize that we really are only a few states away, yet you really seem to "live up north". I keep thinking you're in Canada, in fact, given the amount of snow you get. It's good to see you're winning the battle with the flu! I've happily added your name to the hat. Good luck!

    India - The friendships forged via the interpixies has been the biggest surprise and the most precious part of blogging. To have met some of those whose blogs I follow, or who follow mine, has been an extra treat. Meeting you in Cleveland was an honor and I think you every time I use lemon juice to clean my hands. I'll do as you ask and not add your name to the hat. I imagine your collection of dyed threads is the stuff that dreams are made of. Safe travels and happy creating in 2013.

    eb - As always you leave the most poetic of comments. Yes, it was your brilliant journaling that first drew me to your blog. It's your fearless exploration of art and materials and life that keeps me coming back. Happy 6th blogging anniversary! May 2013 be a year of joy and continued creativity.


  26. Dawn Wilson - It's heartwarming to think that others find inspiration in what I do, especially since most of my time in the studio is spent experimenting and "what if-ing" as I try to find my way back into the art world after a multi-year break and change in technique. Truly, thank you.

    Pat - Your name has been added to the hat and is dancing with excitement. Thank you for following my blog. Good luck!

    Julie Shackson - I've added your name to the hat. It looks like they're all having a party in there. Good luck and Happy 2013!

    Diane - Bonjour et merci! That's about all the French I remember from classes taken too long ago. Thank you for continuing to join in my art journey. Good luck!

    Debbie - Your name has been added to the party taking place in the hat. Good luck!

    Barry - You thought right about the combo of snow and cold temps not working well to dye the threads. Still, that rusty can thrown into the snow did make for a good photo and I'm a sucker for good photo op.

    Fiona - You words brought a huge smile. There are days when your presence is felt in the studio...maybe it's that I'm working and you're looking at the blog...or just that our creative spirits have met somewhere in the ether. One day we'll work together in a studio for real.

    MonicaB - I'm so glad that we found each other's blog. Your name has added to the party in the hat. Good luck!

    Seth - I got a good chuckle from your comment. It was such a pleasure to meet you as well. That's one of the best parts of blogging, becoming aware of kindred spirits out there and getting to meet them. I've added you name. Good luck and Happy 2013!

    Arzigogolare - What a treat to discover that we share our blogging anniversary! Happy 1st to you and may there be many more to come. Thank you for your lovely words...the same holds true for yours, you know.

    Thread Born - So funny. It's still a bit of a surprise to me to realize that it's been 3 years...doesn't seem like it until I take a stroll back thru old posts. Seems I'm still trying to find my way in the non-weaving art world and am having loads of fun in the process. You'll get to 3 years of blogging before you know it and will be surprised too. Love you!

    KrisR - It's an honor to be one of your favorite blogs! Your name, too, has been added to the party taking place in the hat. Good luck!

  27. Hi Jennifer, It appears that my comment had floated off into cyberspace. No matter, hopefully I am not too late, but I love the thread - can't beat a bit of vinegar and tea for a great effect, and heaps of congrats on your 3 years - you have amazing energy for someone with 2 littlies.
    I have not forgotten the measles fabric - I have some good ideas but no energy at the moment.

  28. I have just stumbled onto your blog and am so happy to have found you! Please put my name in the hat, too!

  29. congratulations on 3 wonderful years!

  30. Noela - So sorry about the interpixies not cooperating! I've heard the same from two others who ended up leaving a note on FB. No idea why that happens at times...maybe they just like playing with us. Thank you so much for the congrats and continued support. As for my "amazing energy for someone with 2 littles"...dare I admit that I'm usually in bed right after they are? Ha!

    Jaci - Welcome to my blog! I'll be happy to add your name to the hat. There's quite an international celebration going on in there right now. Enjoy!

    Anca - Thank you! I can't believe it's actually been 3 years. Time really does seem to fly when you're having fun.

  31. Glad to know I'm not the only one that picks up bits of rubbish from the side of the road! I love your variegated threads and love what you do - here's to the next three years and beyond!

    1. Oh Alice! Stick around my blog for long and you'll find a whole host of others who gather rust, who suffer from rust envy and rust lust and possibly even a few rust hoarders. Thank you for stopping by. Your name has joined the celebration in the hat. Good luck!

  32. Congratulations on three years of creative blogging. I found your blog through another, I cannot recall which who, a while back and am always inspired by what you share with the rest of us.
    I thought of you today when I noticed a very rusty piece of something from a car. I couldn't just take it as it was in front of someone's vehicle but I thought it was a most wonderfully rusty element that would have been a great topper for a shadowbox. Wishing you many years more of rusty inspiration.

  33. What you do with rust is simply amazing. I hope to do some rust dyeing this year if I can find some rusty things. Congratulations on the blog anniversary.

  34. Heh, that's TERRIF, Jennifer...three years is no small, rusted can of potatoes, that's for sure! BRAVO!!
    I will shamelessly admit my delight in the opportunity to add my name to your hat. I've not rusted any strings, or threads, before and I can already envision some directions they might wander down here in the Pacific Northwest.
    What fun, crossing fingers & toes now!

  35. Jennifer - Welcome to my blog! It's always nice to hear from one of the "silent followers". I must admit to having a good chuckle at your thinking of me when you saw the rusty piece. My husband laughs...and shakes his head...because even our daughters, who are 5, look for rust now. Sorry to be such an influence...sort of. Your name has been added to the hat. May just need a bigger one before the day is over. Good luck!

    Maya - Thank you! Rust dyeing is always an adventure because the outcome changes with the liquids used - water, vinegar, black tea, green tea. Even coffee, which I've yet to try but heard good things about. I'm happy to add your name to the hat. Good luck!

    Sweetpea - Oh! I got such a laugh out of your comment. Thank you! This is my first time dyeing threads and I love the results. Need to wrap a few of my big rusty gears and see how they do. Until then, your name has joined the party in the hat. Good luck tomorrow!

  36. Ooooo, yummy luscious threads, or, as my dear husband would say 'rusty, dirty stuff." I have learned so much from you - both art wise and blog wise. Thank you for all you do! I too spend my days experimenting and what-if-ing (sp?). To what end I'm still sorting through, but on an immediate basis the outcome is pure goodness. Please add my name to the party. I wonder it a rusty old hat? Happy everything, Hollis
    (my wordpress link isn't showing up -

    1. A rusty old hat would be appropriate, wouldn't it? Actually, the names may just go in the rusty can that has been so cooperative in producing the threads. Seems right, you know.

      Thank you for such lovely thoughts. It means more than I can say to know that others are finding inspiration in my what-if-ing and maybe even learning a thing or two.

      Good luck tomorrow!

  37. Ah.....I'd written this poetic, meaningful post and heck if I know where it went. The short version is.....count me in!


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