Monday, December 31, 2012

Looking at 2012

I've just been oohing and aahing over Susan's and Fiona's posts in which they look back at what they accomplished in this year. Their work is magnificent and so inspiring that I would be content to sit in front of my computer all day, surf their blogs and continue to drool all over my keyboard in total awe.

Instead, I'm going to take cue from them and repost some of my favorite photos from the year. Enjoy!

light and shadows in the studio.

 Ann Coddington Rast, sisters, detail 2 during FiberPhiladelphia

Marilyn Richeda, 80 Unusual Stories at Silvermine Arts Guild

 shopping cart detail for Roy G Biv

 my tea bags

 marks on a wooden fence in Norwalk

 raindrops on day lily fronds in the front yard

unrolling a rusty bundle

 light and shadows at Pam's - her work on the table, mine on the wall

 100+ rusty square edges

 Pam's water
 a sunny day in London

 rust at AllSaints Spitalfields in London

 fence in Boston

 Martin Creed's Half the air in any given space at The Cleveland Museum of Art

 India Flint's hands

tea reflection on table

rusty can + thread in snow


  1. Your blog is one of the most beautiful, Jennifer. These photos are gorgeous, and I can see a real connection between them.

    Best wishes for a creative 2013 to you. xx

    1. Oh Judy...I'm honored that you find my blog beautiful. Thank you.

      Wishing you a creative 2013 as well!

  2. WOW! These are gorgeous! I remember some but others are new to me. If you ever decide to stop working in fiber (HAHA), this could definitely be your calling...or ...just continue to do both (since you are so good at both!). Happy New Year!

    1. Ha! Funny Julie! Actually, I got my first camera - a Vivitar pocket camera - a year or so after my grandmother taught me to crochet. Fiber career began at 8, photography at 10. Not really sure which I love more.

      Happy New Year!

  3. I'm oohing and aahing over your work too, Jennifer, and will undoubtedly keep on doing it throughout 2013!

  4. A beautiful year in review! Wishing you a new year where abundance flows in and around you always.

    1. Thanks! It's interesting to review the year as see what speaks to me months later. Your water...sheer perfection.

      Wishing you a year filled with perfect moments.

  5. so much beauty here Jennifer!

    looking back
    looking forward
    into the quiet
    in between...

    that all of your wishes
    come true
    happy 2013

    1. Thank you Elizabeth! I like what you said,

      "looking back and look forward
      settling into the quiet in between..."

      That's lovely...the quiet in between is such a cozy spot to be...a bit reflective and so full of promise.

      May 2013 be filled with light, peace, promise and creativity.

  6. Hi J - isn't it grand to look back over the year and be reminded that amidst the challenges there has been light, love and the lust of rust. Wishing you a creative and happy 2013. Peace. B

    1. Yes, it is grand to look back and realize that even with the challenges of 2012, the year as a whole contained way more good than bad. And any year that is filled with light, love and the lust of rust is a good year, wouldn't you say?

      Wishing you a joyful, creative year.


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