Thursday, September 20, 2012

Searching for Roy G Biv - Blue

London has blues.
 It is there, if one looks closely

 at  Tower Bridge,

 on the docks behind Tower Hotel,

 greeting customers at the Best of India along Brick Lane,

 on a plate at the Victoria and Albert,

 down an alley off Portobello Road, 
decorating not only the entry,

 but the windows as well.

New York has a blue mosaic

  outside one of the stores.

 You must look up to see it,

 although if the wind is blowing and you listen closely, 
the tinkling of the blues can be heard.

Boston has a bit of blue

of the natural sort 

 and the man made too.

Do you have blue?
Julie, Fiona and Flags for Peace do.


  1. I love the blues as you travel look at things! Some absolute stunners here - I am tossing up between the Portobello Rd windows and the NYC mosaic. A nice dilemma to be faced with!

    1. The Portobello Road windows were amazing. I was so struck by the mural on the wall that it took a bit before the windows were seen. If bars are needed on windows, though, who says they have to be ugly?

  2. J-some great im,ages - amazing what a simple challenges brings out. B

    1. Thank you Barry! London was a great city for color. I'd love to have a week...or go back with Roy in mind and just take photos.

      The search for Roy was a simple challenge yet it has me looking at ordinary things in a new way and that's good. Care to join us next month? We'll be up to I for indigo.

  3. Great photos. and do I love blue???? I have large blue trees painted on my kitchen wall.

    1. So...Jill...where are the photos of your large blue kitchen trees? You can't just write that and not give us a peak, you know. My imagination will run rampant picturing blue trunks running up the walls with branches tangling into each other and spreading across the ceiling to encompass...

      Oops! See, I need a photo to reign in my imagination.

  4. What a fun - and international! - range of blues. I especially love that up-close/long view of the Tower Bridge and the surprise of the duck's bit of blue. Thanks also for inspiring me to keep an eye out for 'blue' this past month...

    1. The Tower Bridge was great fun to photograph...and I did every single time I traversed it. Next month is more challenging - indigo. May have to get out some old photos for this one. How about you?

  5. The Portobello Road blues stole my heart too but I love the whole collection! The Tower Bridge blues are also so unexpected and surprising. I hope you'll run the challenge next year too!

    1. That Tower Bridge was painted that light blue was a surprise. It had a rather playful feel it and definitely stood out from the other bridges along the Thames. London Bridge was very plain by comparison.

      As for continuing the challenge next, I'd be happy to. Julie and I had originally discussed extending the search to include other colors after completing those of Roy G Biv - black, white, brown, pink, metallics maybe. Given that we're getting close to the end, another discussion is needed. Stay tuned for updates.


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