Thursday, August 9, 2012

The big 3-0-0 celebration winner

You know the saying the early bird gets the worm
The version used at our house was this morning was

the first twin up gets to pick the winner

I'm thrilled to announce that Ellie drew 
Judy Martin of Judy's Journal. 

I want to say a most heartfelt Thank You to all who were interested in winning my book of tea. The number of you who threw your name into the bowl in this case made by Ruth Gowell...represented 7 countries - France joined the list Tuesday afternoon - and has me considering another give away in January to celebrate 3 years of blogging. Anyone interested?

A quick reminder that the search for Roy G Biv continues next Thursday with green.

Just couldn't resist taking a shot of this ampersand while out with the girls yesterday. It brought to mind Fiona's post about and.



  1. Wah! How did I miss your drawing?! Definitely do another one. :)

  2. Congratulations, Judy! Wonderful. And I do believe you might have some takers for a January give-away... just try us!

  3. I am SO LUCKY!!!

    I am looking forward to handling your beautiful book of tea. Jennifer, you are very generous to give your art away, but rest assured that I will treasure it and show it off and also, I am sure, use it for personal inspiration.

    Now, off to a most beautiful day, made so by this post!! woo hoo

  4. Judy is such a lucky gal! Congratulations! I'm looking forward to the January giveaway already :))

  5. Count me in hen January rolls around...

  6. A very worthy winner. not at all jealous!

  7. Bridgette - So sorry you missed it! There will be another in January though.

    Valerianna, Ersi, Anonymous [who are you really?] - There will definitely be another giveaway in January. Just trying to decide what it will be. Thank you so much for your interest this time around!

    Max the Lobster - I agree.

    Judy - I'm thrilled to be sending my book of tea your way! I know you'll give it a good home and am eager to see how you make it own.

  8. Congrats to Judy; and of course to January!

  9. Congrats to Judy - a wonderfully worthy winner and to Ellie for excellent choosing! Looking forward to January already...

  10. Congratulations to lucky Judy!
    ....and yes I am definitely interested in the January draw.

  11. glad Judy won it but sorry l didn't. it was a beautiful bkxxxlynda

  12. Julie, Fiona, Art Propelled - Glad to know you're interested in a January drawing. Guess I'd best start working on something.

    Fiona - After you "and" post, it seems ampersands have been sprouting up everywhere. This was definitely the most interesting one though.

    Lynda - Sorry about your luck of the draw this time around.

  13. I too am rather (understatement) sorry I did not win your tea book but am sure Judy will enjoy having it. I will Bron next year's hopeful list too.....
    Ampersands do seem to pop up once you are taking notice. Maybe many people are reading Simon Garfield's 'Just my Type' and having a chuckle over what he has to say about the Ampersand!

  14. J-had to smile that Ellie made sure she was up early so that she could pick the winner - a very unusual motivator??? Judy will find much to intrigue her in your book. Go well and continue the magnificent journey of tea, rust, marks and paper. B

  15. Susan - Maybe I should just go ahead and start a "hat of names" for January. What do you think? The response on this drawing was overwhelming. Can't wait for January's.

    As for ampersands...they are lovely, aren't they? Found 2 more on Saturday used in the name of 1 store. Photos soon. I'll have to take a peak at Simon Garfield's book. I developed a love of type and fonts when working at a graphic design firm in Washington, DC. I did the accounting, but got to rub elbows with the designers.

    Barry - Let's just say that Ellie was lucky...and up too early, but rather than send her back to bed I chose to put the time to a better use. She did enjoy the little shriek of joy that escaped me when I read Judy's name. Be well my friend...and try not to over do the pounding of metal. Enjoy!


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