Wednesday, May 9, 2012

In the studio

 I've been busy

squaring and measuring twice
[especially after the first mistake...arg!!!]

 in order to cut and sew once...per side, that is...

 while trying not to panic at the thought of what all this work is in preparation for.

In early June, I'm going to apply for a 2013 solo exhibit at a local art guild with 5 of my large rust beauties. They need to be completed by May 27 when I'll be donning my ruby slippers, closing my eyes, tapping my heels together and whispering Take me Pam's for our 3rd annual artist retreat. Take me Pam's...

Number 4 is finished with the first round of stitching. Number 5 is ready and waiting. Once #5 is stitched, they'll all need to be trimmed and measured again for wood to be cut to size. After playing with the circular saw, I'll reacquaint myself with the drill press and drill holes for the nails or screws that will help my rusties hang upon a wall.

Back upstairs in the studio, the really fun part will begin [read that with a bit of a shaky voice for this is where the panic really sets in]  when velcro gets sewn on the top edge of each piece. 

Half of my brain is staying calm and saying soothing things like You can do this. You're ready. Just go with it. Just do it. Remember to

The other half of my brain is screaming You freaking idiot!!! Just what do you think you're doing?!? You've got to be delusional!! And by the way, shut up calm half, it's time to break out in a cold sweat and panic and yell!!!

Stay tuned to see which half of my brain wins.


  1. I do hope the first half of your brain wins the battle! can do this and you ARE ready! Anyway, I have my heart set on attending the opening.

    1. If I do get the exhibit, I have my heart set on your attendance. Keep your fingers crossed that I don't screw anything else up. So far, so good. And so far, the calm part is winning. Must be all that "just do it" and breathing nonsense. Ha!

  2. It all looks amazing to me ....... and I am pretty certain we all know what side of your brain will win. Once the calm settles in! It is a pressure when you are exhibiting isn't it though. I absolutely loathe that part of being creative - when you actually put yourself out there it feels like you are completely naked in a laughing crowd. Until all the praise and accolade seeps in and you realise it wasn't so bad after all!!! I have just been flipping back and forward through a few of your posts and love the look of the huge rust hangings with over lays of different textured rusting etc. I would love to work really large with paper - not as large as you have mind you. Hope you found my reply regarding rusting paper. If you want any further info just email and we can chat. x

    1. Thank you Susan! Part of the pressure is that for over 20 years I wove...beginning with traditional functional baskets and ending with vibrant abstract studies in color. Still basketry, but for the wall, not a table.

      Along the way, I did weekend art shows and was in some of the best along the east coast. Proposals were not needed for those shows...just complete the application, send it in along with slides or a CD and hope for the best come jurying day.

      Now...well, now I've got to write a proposal about my proposed exhibit. Getting the pieces ready to jury from actual work is easy compared to that. It's being put off until the last moment, I'm afraid. My brain is in denial of needing to write it or just delaying...not sure which.

      I did see you response re: rusting paper. Thank you! Have to admit that I also cheated and asked Fiona as well. I hadn't realized how detailed rusting paper is. Maybe I'll wing it and see what happens with some of my rusty bits. Enjoy!

  3. Hi Jennifer, It's such a weird conundrum isn't it the desire to make and show and the total fear that you'll stuff it all up. The measuring you have to do to keep things straight reminds me of calligraphy - measure twice, still get it wrong in my case. It's that part I dislike the most and where my shoulder voice keeps saying you big idiot; of course you'd muck it up, you never do it right. But more recently I have decided to go with the quiet and calm voice and have faith and believe that it will come together and I have to say, I've been surprised by how well that has worked. I'm sure your breathing and just do it will win and you will have fabulous works you are proud of. I'm the cheerleader for the calm brain - go girl!

  4. The calm brain is far. It's getting the two sides to play together nicely that is a bit tricky. Feel like a mediator at times. Oh man. I need a vacation!

  5. I love this Jennifer; albeit late in the reading! That monkey brain trying to deceive you....wicked! Wondering...and is yours. Glad to have found you and following deliciously :-)

    1. Yes, the monkey brain can be trying at times. Thankfully, the calm side won out. Unfortunately...or fortunately...I was not awarded a solo show. A bit disappointed originally, but not in the end.

      Glad you discovered my blog. May I ask how you can by it? Come back and visit any time. Enjoy!


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