Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Rust renewal, that is. My rusting season has been brought to a temporary stop. The gears begged for a break, a chance to rest and renew their rusty coat. They're currently lounging around on the deck, enjoying the fresh air, soaking up the sun and nightly dew baths, listening to the birds sing of spring.

Me? I'm fighting off the thoroughly lousy mood this time of year brings now that we live in such a tree infested area. Each sprouting of a leaf means less sunlight reaches our house, means our backyard is fast becoming an enclosure of green, means...well, that I'm a not so nice person to be around right now. And that's an understatement.

I'm wondering, am I the only one who gets this springtime...moodiness, blues, grumpiness, it what you will. Am I? If not, what do you do to overcome it?


  1. ah, spring! such a conflicting mixture of responses to it! i listen to my favorite romanian folk acoustic album - all poetic lyrics about spring. i steal blossomed apple branches and stick them in antique bottles all around the house. i take my tea barefoot and wrapped in a blanket on the deck. if you cant' beat the madness, join it! lovely gears you've got there, by the way!

    1. "If you can't beat the madness, join it!"

      Love that! Maybe I'll try the barefoot, wrapped in a blanket, cup of tea on the deck in the morning. Used to do that on the weekends when we first moved here...listen to the birds, watch the sun come up, enjoy the quiet. Just breathe.

      Thank you for sharing your springtime craziness with me. If we had an apple tree, I'd send a few branches your way. Enjoy!

  2. oh Jennifer,
    I too am wanting warm
    and light-filled spaciousness
    sunshine is my balm
    today I received a small bundle of silk sari scraps
    upping the gypsy ante
    and re-invigorating my desire
    to dream in exotic climes
    I bring out the silk skirts
    layer them over the fuschia yoga pants
    brew up some chai
    and begin to play
    play, yoga and sunshine
    and altho the violets are abloom
    the seed holds sway...

    and letting the circles turn,

    xox - eb.

    1. What a picture your words paint!
      They are a balm as well.

      Thank you for the words and the vision.
      And the circles...they're glorious, you know.

  3. I must admit I'm not a real fan of Spring - despite all the new growth/renewal concepts that go with it; I find it too moody and tempestuous; like the earth is shaking and roaring and having some sort of tantrum. It struck me that I usually miss the light as winter approaches - shorter days; waking in the dark (the sun is up at 430am here in summer); but I can understand that winter (bare trees) offers you light; and Spring takes it away, closes you in, which is no fun. All of our trees are far from the house so we can enjoy them without them impacting on us. I hope your days settle soon; and that you find a spring in your step and thoughts (ooch, bad pun). I loved the 'tree-infested' line!

    1. Spring can indeed be moody and tempestuous. It's been a normal spring here which is actually quite lovely. It's the tree infestation that gets to me.

      The first spring we lived here, I unexpectedly experienced panic attacks anytime I went out on our back deck due to the wall/prison of green that our backyard had transformed into. From grass to bushes to trees...I had to practically look straight up to see sky. The panic attacks have faded, but the closed in/closed off feeling survives...unfortunately. We've discussed taking out a few trees, but what I'd really like is to buzz cut them all. Ha! That's not very likely to happen any time soon.

      So...I combat the moodiness/closed in feeling by getting out of the house for a while. Not very productive art-wise, but it helps otherwise.

      Thanks for the good thoughts and bad pun especially. Produced a chuckle which is always a good way to begin the day. Enjoy!


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