Friday, March 2, 2012

On the drying board

 A sneak peak

at what's happening in the studio this morning.


  1. a friend sent me!am very happy she did! I,too am a fan of rust and circles! yours are a morning treat for me! thank you!

    1. It's always nice for the morning to start with a treat, isn't it? Glad you like my rusty circles. There are more to come. Enjoy!

  2. your kind and caring visit
    was my morning treat
    as is
    trailing behind
    my Rust Muse

    xox - eb.

    1. Oh my dear eb,
      I'd thought your absence
      from the blogging world
      due to enjoying
      your father's visit.

      It dismayed me to read
      your post re: your burnt hands,
      done on a wood stove perhaps?

      Take care of your precious hands.
      I'd send a rusty balm, but doubt
      that such a thing exists,
      so instead am sending healing thoughts.

      Be well.

  3. What number are these I wonder? It has certainly been a successful rusting season...

    1. Hmmm...technically...these are 86-88, I think. Or maybe 87-90. No...I think 90 is the one that is drying as I type.

      I'd sworn to myself that once the second 20 yard bolt of cotton was finished, that was it. Time to start making something with all this rusty fabric. And then...I rusted with a new gear the other day (photos to come) and now my creative mind is all aflutter with possibilities.

      Looks like a trip to the fabric store is needed! Yikes!


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