Sunday, January 29, 2012

A day to remember

Saturday was one of those rare days that involved a trip into New York. This time to visit the Museum of Art and Design, but, most importantly, to meet Fiona and person, that is! I've been fairly dancing in place all week trying to contain my excitement...Australia being a fair distance from Connecticut and all.

We've had kind of...well...yucky weather this past week, but Mother Nature cooperated yesterday with a sunny warm winter day. I took the train in as usual and enjoyed a brisk walk to the museum. While waiting for the light at one point, I was perusing the skyline when something in an office window caught my eye.

 Can you see it?

 The bat signal?

Needless to say, a Holy smoke Batman! It's the bat signal escaped my lips only seconds before a chuckle did which was followed by a big smile at childhood memories of watching Adam West, Burt Ward, Julie Newmar and Eartha Kitt and others. The light soon turned and it was off to MAD to meet up with Fiona and Barry.

Fiona and me. Photo taken by Barry.

Currently at MAD is the exhibit Hanging Around, Necklaces from the MAD Collection. Two of my favorite pieces are Giorgio Vigna's glass bubbles necklace, Gorgoglio and

Choonsoon Moon's necklace of cardboard, plastic and elastic. The graphic simplicity coupled with the materials and textural aspect of this piece were fascinating. My fingers were itching to touch and try it on. Alas, the glass enclosure and ever watchful guard ensured otherwise.

staircase looking down

The other piece that held me entranced was Shihoko Fukumoto's Tea Ceremony Room.

Woven with indigo dyed linen, it was ethereal and my photos are poor representations of this magnificent work. As I studied and admired it from outside, I imagined the experience of sitting inside its quietness, watching the breeze play on the linen panels while the scent of jasmine tea teased the air. Serenity.

Junco Sato Pollack's Cascade II of folded and stitched silver, silk organza and gold leaf was another that teased the senses. 

While photographing the stitching and the finished edges, the shadows caught my eye.

All too soon, it was time to exit MAD, but not before I chanced another upward glance...this time from the bottom of the staircase.

Over lunch, Fiona, Barry and I chatted and laughed, exchanging stories like old friends who haven't seen each other in a while, catching up on our lives and discussing future plans. It was...well... quite simply, wonderful. A treasured time. A day to remember.

Thank you Fiona and Barry for including me in your vacation. I hope the rest of it is as enjoyable as yesterday.


  1. I kow JUST how you feel~

    fiona and barry dropped by my place to meet and greet - almost this time last year - now you might be thinking 'oh but you live in aus so that's no big deal'...... welllllllllll fiona and barry live in queensland - I live far south coast NSW, many thousands of kms apart.... fiona and barry made a massive detour in one of their southerly trips and came down the coast to meet up with me and visit my small solo exhibition - isn't that sweet? we likewise spent a couple of fun hours chatting away over cups of tea and coffee..... they certinaly get around those two!

    1. Oh! What a delight their visit must have been. And to have had Fiona and Barry see your solo show was just an added bonus. I'm already trying to figure out how/when a trip to Australia might day.

  2. Well, get around we do Ronnie, but the blogging world makes the trips richer for sure! Jennifer it was so much fun and we felt honored that you could make the trip south and share the delights of MaD with us - I could have kept opening those drawers for hours! Go well.

    1. Yesterday was a real treat on so many levels, but the best part was spending time with you and Barry. Next trip to NYC, plan to drop by CT and meet the rest of the family. The girls will entertain you! By the way, the foot stools have been painted and are drying. Rainbows, hearts, flowers. Too funny. Photos soon. Enjoy!

  3. holy smokes Rust Muse!
    oh lucky you girls
    meeting up with blog pals
    is surely
    one of THE most delightful things
    so glad you had reasonable weather
    and that indigo tea room!!!
    (I have been dreaming of tea and poetry tents in the woods)
    also love your shadow dance shots
    at your rich shared adventure...

    xox - eb.

    1. Holy smokes indeed! Saturday was such a wonderful day. I have to admit that I'd expected a bit of awkwardness meeting Fiona and Barry, but we fell into place chatting like old friends...which we are thanks to the blogging world.

      You would love the tea ceremony room, by the way. If you can, venture into NYC to see it. And I'll come meet you too!

  4. Thanks for this excellent post about the Museam of Art and Design.

    1. You are very welcome. The trip to the Museum of Art and Design was wonderful, but I must admit that the best part was meeting fellow blogger, Fiona and her husband, Bary.


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