Sunday, January 8, 2012

2 years

Sunday, January 10, 2010, found me just where I am right now - at my favorite Starbucks, enjoying the early morning quiet, sipping my chai and pondering how to start. My laptop had accompanied me, as usual, and after blog surfing for a bit, I sat with my hands poised over the keyboard for what felt like hours, but in truth was more like 10 or 15 minutes. My mind was blank and overflowing at the same time.

How to start? What to say? Will anyone read it? Why am I doing this? Do I really want to do this? How long will I do this? What am I doing? How to start? How to start?!? Just write something! Anything! But what? Just write!!!

And so I did.

It's funny. That first post was an introduction. The second a confession...of my love affair with rust. The third was about experimentation, storytelling and my friendship with Pam Sullivan. Two years later finds me writing about the same topics, but on a whole different level...I think...I hope.

Curiosity got the better me this morning and I checked the stats for a few things that you might find interesting:

According to Blogger stats, the 2 posts with the most all time pageviews are Sketchbook Project - Liz Davidson and Washington, DC, both from April 2011.

While my home country tops the audience list, there seems to be a following in Australia. No doubt this is due to Fiona Dempster of Paper Ponderings as she was kind enough to include my blog in her inspirational people and places list. Actually, Paper Ponderings tops the all time lists for referring URL as well as site.  Judy's Journal and Facebook, respectively, are close seconds.

It's the aspects of the blogging world that Blogger stats doesn't and can't track that really count. It's the connections made with kindred spirits, the friendships forged, the exchange of ideas, the comraderie, the sharing and caring of the creative community.

From me to you, a most heart felt thank you for visiting my blog, for sharing your thoughts and insights, for expanding my world.


  1. I thank you
    for all of these things
    and more...

    xox - eb.

  2. eb - You're very welcome. Truly, the honor is all mine.

  3. Hi Jennifer - congrats on 2 years of blogging! It's an interesting past time isn't it ? I agree re the benefits wholeheartedly and am constantly amazed at the way it works and how supportive a network it is. It's a wonderful world indeed. I'm glad my little blog all the way over here, also sends folk your way!

  4. Fiona - Ha! Your "little blog" sends a lot people this way. Now, if only they'd comment so I'd know who they are. Hopefully, my blog reciprocates.

  5. Hi Jennifer, big congrats on 2 years of blogging. Echoing Fiona what I've really loved are meeting you and all the wonderful friendly, bloggers out there. Love seeing and reading about everybodies work and am usually VERY bad about leaving comments. Wish they had a 'Like" button on blogger so you would know I've been by, am saying Hi there, and Like what your doing.


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