Sunday, December 11, 2011


Saturday was the perfect day to play outside. And play I did in a charming little Connecticut town nearer the coast which hosts a bevy of artists and one very fine eating establishment.

While I enjoyed the company of a good friend, strolling along the street, chatting and buying gifts for the season, a bundle of cotton and rusty bits was playing its own game at home.

Once again, in the quiet of the morning, I danced in the studio to another rusty tune...a sea shanty sort of tune about discovering buried or bundled treasures.

As I sit here at my desk, viewing the yesterday's results, the lines...or stripes made by masonry nails is catching my eye and asking for more...more lines, more stripes.

The stripeys agree, of course. 


  1. when in doubt
    line up the stripeys!
    I see a portal
    next to last left
    oh yes - and just above
    so beautiful - that length of cloth
    circles and stripes
    love it!

    xox - eb.

  2. eb - Portal or chasm? I like portal best. Makes me think the stripeys will have transported themselves into the bundle overnight to work a bit of stripey magic with the rusty bits. We'll soon see.

  3. Your Saturday sounds wonderful and I love that length of fabric. Interesting isn't it how little bits stand out to our eyes and then talk to us? Enjoy the exploration.

  4. Fiona - Oh! The exploration is half the fun...or maybe all of it. This piece was still fresh from the bag and very wet when photographed. It's now dry after round two of rusting. I don't think hanging it outside yesterday morning in temps cold enough to freeze it (yes...what was I thinking?) helped. Too much detail was lost in the drying. Or maybe the freezing. Enjoy!


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