Sunday, December 18, 2011


I semi-jokingly commented a few posts ago that winter seems to be my rusting season. After mulling the thought over, I decided to really embrace it and experiment like mad.

This past week found me waking early...4:30 am-ish early...brewing a pot of tea - to drink, not rust with - and getting to work in the studio opening bundles, taking photos, repositioning rusted elements, rebundling and rebagging, setting aside and then beginning my real day job.

Layers, repeated patterns, both. That's what I'm playing with. I kept looking at the rusty bits and my creative mind was seeing this piece

which was discharged during the summer using wine corks dipped in bleach. The repetition of  pattern and uniqueness of each circle resonates with me. know what's next. Yep. Rusted circles.

 At various stages during the week.

 Opened Friday morning. Still wet.

No hanging outside to dry this time. 

 Dry. Needs ironing.

Working on this piece generated plenty of what ifs to experiment with along the way. Using circles, of course! I really should write them down while they're fresh in my mind.

Pam - I need to start a rusty what if list, don't you think? Be on the lookout and feel free to add to it.


  1. Quite the experiment. I do love your circles (discharged, printed or rusted) and the repetition on this piece is wonderful. Will these circles multiply? A rusty "what if" list? I'm thinking the "what if" list that is in place now applies to any medium.

  2. Pam - The circles are multiplying, just not on this piece...yet. It does cry out for more circles, but is also giving me ideas to try first. I can guarantee that a circle piece will be rusting over Christmas. As for the "what if" list, you're right. I'll just keep adding to it.

  3. gorgeous!
    solar and lunar
    cosmic cycles
    time keepers
    protective talismanic emblems...

    rust Muse
    you do inspire!

    xox - eb.

  4. Looks good - many layered circles will be great!

  5. Morna - Thank you!

    eb - As always, you have such a gift with words. Love your description!

    Fiona - Thanks! I'm waiting until after Christmas to decide whether or not to go back in and add more circles. There's another set of circles in the works though...


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