Sunday, January 1, 2012


What is it about the turning of the calendar to January 1 that holds such promise, that whispers of hope and a fresh start, that hints at exciting times ahead? It really is just another day. But oh! What a day!

For myself, 2011 was a good year. Creatively, I adopted the mantras of keep it simple and just do it. And they worked...especially just do it. Both were repeated often enough to have become good friends who helped me move past my fears of failure, of creating something ugly, of not knowing what it is I'm doing. I'm keeping those mantras close in 2012 and adding a third.

You see, during my December visit with Pam, we made a list of goals for 2012 as well as a list of what ifs. At some point, I commented that I feel like I need to decide just what it is I'm doing - discharging, rusting or printing on fabric. Or...maybe...finding a way to combine the three, but mostly, I need to focus. It was a little comment in the midst of everything we discussed those days, yet Pam remembered. FOCUS and

are my Christmas presents from her. Thank you Pam!  As always, you've sent the perfect gift. 

Here's to 2012. May we all have a magically creative year. May we all have the chance to focus on our dreams.  And may you all have a friend like Pam in your life.


  1. oh dear rust Muse
    F O C U S
    for me
    is the top shelf word
    focus the dream
    have had great impact
    over here
    many thanks
    for your subtle
    and quiet guidance

    I have been watching
    and taking note
    with a teenager
    at loose
    at home for the holidays
    time shifts

    back now in the flow

    wishing you
    a most creatively focused year
    as we launch into 2012

    best wishes to you!

    xox - eb.

  2. Elizabeth - Children do have a way of interrupting our flow, but usually in a good way...sometimes. My little ones go back to preschool tomorrow morning. I plan to lock myself in the studio and not open the door until time to pick them up.

    I'm curious to see what you do with the notes you've been taking on what's been transpiring over here.

    Wishing you a creatively focused year too! Enjoy.

  3. What fabulous gifts - gentle AND beautiful reminders!

  4. Fiona - They truly are wonderful gifts. FOCUS is black and white photos collaged together. I think we visited the store Pam bought it from during my last trip. I've been thinking of words for the girls' room. Not sure they'd appreciate it as much, but...


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