Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Rusted boro

The title of this post really should be Over thinking it, but rusted boro was more appealing...I think. Midst all the preparations for turkey day, working on the Christmas cards and life as usual in a household with 4 year olds, I managed to squeeze in a bit of time to crop the rusted cottons and sew them together.

They went from this                                                             to this

and now they're hanging like this.

In my own defense, it was viewing photos of indigo boro online that got me here what with all the wonderful contrasts in hues of indigo, patterns, stitches, etc. Well, that and I'd already decided that a bit of contrast was needed. So out came the box of rusted cottons et voila! Here we are. 

One could put forth the suggestion that I am procrastinating a bit longer before starting the patching process. One would probably be right too. Hmmm...what were those mantras I adopted this year? Oh yeah...keep it simple and just do it. Ha! Obviously, I have work to do.


  1. sometimes
    just dancing
    around the work
    does the work
    resting, playing
    (with those adorable twins?)
    until the impulse grabs you
    and then
    toast burning, coffee boiling
    the next step
    is an unavoidable tango...

    xox - eb.

  2. eb - Thank you...for your own eloquent tango above. Always a pleasure and honor to have you grace my blog with your words.

  3. Jennifer - can't believe I have read all your posts and not commented! This is wonderful and I love that you brought out the new/old bits to play with as well - the colour contrast add interest and keeps your mind playing what? where? Like a jigsaw puzzle!

  4. Fiona - It's the jigsaw puzzle part that has me stumped now. Too many pieces! Of course, having a house full of family here for Thanksgiving allowed little time to concentrate on the puzzle. Maybe today...


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