Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fiber Futures: Japan's Textile Pioneers

It's another gray, rainy day here in the semi-northeast. Every day that it rains, I say a little prayer that all this precipitation is not a sampling of what our winter will be like...except with snow instead of rain. If it is, I'm heading south! Actually, no, but I'll be dreaming about somewhere warm and sunny.

Anyway, this weather has me...well...not exactly in a funk, but kind of. I want to work, but my mind just keeps hopping from idea to idea and can't seem to settle on one. After treating myself to an hour at Starbucks, I came home to blog surf and think about doing something creative.

BrownGrotta's blog post about the current exhibit at Japan Society in New York caught my eye. After downloading the iPad app and practically drooling over the amazing fiber creations shown, I thought to share this photo, which is a screen shot from the Japan Society web site, of one of the installations.

Anyone care to join me one Saturday to see it? This one is just too good to miss.


  1. Thanks for the link - I had a lovely visual wander over at the Japan Society. Some days are like that aren't they - how to find the way thru the grey mizzle. If its any consolation we have been overcast and drizzly and its supposed to be nearly summer!

  2. Fiona - Glad you enjoyed your stroll through the Japan Society fiber exhibit. I'll let you know if it's as enchanting and inspiring in real life as it is via the computer screen. Not sure when I'll be going, but this is one exhibit that just can't be missed when NYC is only a train ride away.

    Sorry to hear you're experiencing the same weather we are. Your season brings the hope of summer. Our's...well, winter is on its way...not my favorite of the seasons. Still, it offers plenty of studio time which can only be good. Enjoy!


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