Wednesday, September 7, 2011


As I wrote my last post on August 27, Hurricane Irene was moving up the east coast of the US leaving various levels of destruction in her wake. In fact, about 5 seconds after sending a note to Fiona of Paper Ponderings saying that we were all ok and still had power...well...the power went out...for 2 days. How's that for timing?

Once power was restored, I spent a day cleaning out the refrigerator and the next day packing for our vacation to Ann Arbor, Michigan. More on the art scene around here soon...probably after we return home because the girls keep confiscating my computer to watch movies.

Yesterday we ended up on the grounds of Cranbrook, where my husband went to school and also home of the Cranbrook Academy of Art. We wondered the grounds enjoying the trails, lawns, ponds, gardens, etc. It was on one of the trails that I happened to look down just in time to keep from stepping on a bluejay feather.

This lovely one will be added to my feather collection. 

 Wonder what treasure will be found on today's stroll?


  1. Morn - Thank you! Quite a few have come from our backyard.

  2. I love that blue jay feather especially; but there is just something about feathers isn't there? And nests...and eggs...

  3. Fiona - There certainly is something about feathers. And nests and eggs. For me, it's the fragility, the beauty, the promise of flight and freedom that feathers bring to mind. Plus, there just seems to be something mystic or sacred about them. Maybe because they're really found all that often...unless we're talking wild turkey feathers this summer. Keep finding those in multiples of 3 in the yard. By the way, how is your rusted nest doing these days?

  4. I think you're right about feathers and all they symbolise - they are so delicate, the sense of freedom/flight and their inherent beauty. The rusted nest is doing well - it is still very precious to me and I am quietly working out how to present it and what to put with it. A friend gave me some of her bantam eggs the other day and some guinea fowl feathers; so I am pondering how to bring together the toughness of the rust and the fragility of the eggs/feathers. Still enjoying the process tho! I think I can feel a series of sorts that does that juxtapositioning of rust and delicate...

  5. What a wonderful installation - however, simple and unexpected - wow - well collected!! Love your insights - looking forward to seeing more - cheers!!


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