Saturday, August 13, 2011

Friday morning

Remember the pile of black cotton from my last post that had been folded, twisted, tied and wrapped? This morning while the girls were at preschool, the discharging stuff was all carted out and I set about plunging the bundles into bleach before allowing the sun to have it's bit of fun with the cotton too.


  1. Oh wow! Stunning as I anticipated - they look fabulous! Happy days...

  2. Fiona - Thanks! I'm still quite new at discharging fabric so it's always a surprise to open the bundles and see what changes the bleach and sun brought. The girls are in school all day Wednesday and I plan to be back out in the yard discharging more black cotton. A trip to the fabric store is needed first. Stay tuned.

  3. Judy - Thank you! There are several pieces that I just can't imagine cutting into smaller pieces. No idea yet what to do with them though. It'll come...


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