Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Landing gear not working

It's been one of those mornings in the studio where I just can't seem to land. Can't concentrate. Can't...well, just can't. Attempts have been made but all have been lackluster at best.

There is plenty to do - lots of discharged, rusted or printed fabrics to work on, black cotton waiting to be readied for more discharging tomorrow, stuff to organize...and it's all pretty much resting in the same spot that it was in when I came into the studio over 2 hours ago.

Favorite art blogs have been read this morning. My blog about my daughters has been updated for the first time since July 4. Family members will be shocked. Fabric is laying on my work table waiting. Still, I sit at my desk and view it all.

Oh! That reminds me. In case you're wondering what the big block is that's in the window, it is a Japanese receipt book, supposedly, from the late 1800's or early 1900's that I found in a Japanese antique store on Sunday.

Time to venture downstairs and grab a bite to eat before picking the girls up from preschool. Keep your fingers crossed that tomorrow my landing gear works. Thanks!

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