Sunday, August 21, 2011

Art equations

 Black cotton + rubber bands + wrapping or

twisting or folding

+ imagination 

+ experimentation and creativity

 + a wine cork or two

+ foam brushes 

+ bleach and sun = 20 yards of newly discharged cotton.

 These are my favorite bits from the latest rounds 
of discharging black cotton.


  1. Oh wow Jennifer...gorgeous results! The third one down looks to me like it should be a looooonnnngggg horizontal panel, and of course I think about putting a tiny, flowing indecipherable script onto it, following the contour of the rusty red central line...

    The wine cork one offers plenty of circle stitching fun and I like how the foam brushes looks a bit like an ECG. I'm sure you will have fun working out what happens next...Enjoy!

  2. Ronnie - Thank you! For not really knowing what I'm doing, I think I did ok.

    Fiona - Love your thoughts! Never saw the ECG before. One piece spooked me a bit at first (picture 1). That full piece has skulls and faces hidden in it everywhere! None of which were on purpose because I wouldn't know how to achieve that on purpose using bleach rather than discharge paste. Sometimes naivity and experimenting make great partners.

  3. I agree entirely about that top one - it's a bit frightening as is!

  4. These are gorgeous! I hesitate to state the obvious, but you do see that the first one is a magnificent skull, right?

  5. Morna - Thank you! One of these days I'll do a post on the full piece that the first photo is from. There are two "magnificent" skull in the piece as well as lots of small, semi-hidden faces...none of which was planned. Wouldn't know how to go about folding, scrunching and wrapping the pieces to achieve skulls. It was just pure dumb luck.

  6. scullie indeed!
    awesome Jennifer - bleach and blissful results - your intuition is a mightily powerful guide - yes - now you are the bleach Muse - bringing the light into the dark by way of a chemical high and sunshine - my mind is whirling with deeply meaningful metaphor and ideas - writing about this in my black nature printed journal as luminous green lace greets the April sunshine and musing about your pink dotted story pages...

    xox - eb.

    1. Bleach Muse? Somehow it doesn't have the ring to it that Rust Muse does. Ha! Hope you had fun today out in the sun.


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