Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Stitching at beach

Cold ocean water filled with hordes of really ugly, stingy jelly fish kept us off the beach yesterday and in the pool. My daughters are mermaids-in-training. Much better mermaids-in-training that I apparently am.

While "racing" with Grace - she in a circle float, legs kicking, arms paddling, laughing all the while - I gave one huge kick to catch up with her of my toes is purple where it shouldn't be purple. Still not sure if it's broken or just very badly stoved. Either way, I spent the afternoon on the couch, foot up with a bag of ice propped on it while I watched the kids' movies and stitched away.

Today's color is DMC #436. Just a touch lighter than Monday's choice. Yesterday's was the blue. With 3 little girls all aged 4 years old in the house, I've been letting them take turns picking a new color for me to stitch with each day. Time to stitch.

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