Sunday, July 10, 2011

The first 9

Hey Pam! This one's for you!

Actually this post is possible because of Pam and Noela Mills of the wabisabiart blog  When readying supplies for our artist retreat at Pam's house in June, I was inspired by Noela's book of rust dyed silks and satins as well as her waxed silk kimono book. The quiet power of each spoke to me.

A switch was thrown in my creative mind and the discharged fabrics had a life. They would be a simple book dealing with pattern and texture via hand-stitching. Hmmm...color, texture, pattern, play. Just what my weaving had been about too. Somehow, it never occurred to me that the same principles I had applied to my weavings could be applied to the discharged fabrics...or the rusted cottons...or the monoprinted fabrics either.

Keep it simple.

Just do it.

Twenty minutes later, there were 20-something 8-9" pieces of discharged black cotton laying on my work table waiting to be packed for the trip. Just do it. Don't think about it. Just do it. Don't analyze. Just do it. That's what had been running through my mind as I tore the cotton into squares.

Fast forward to Pam's house and the unveiling of the discharged squares. Pam takes one look at them and asks if I've hung them yet. Hung them? No. They're going to be pages in a book. A twinkle dances in her eyes as she suggests we venture into her studio so I can humor her and hang them for a better look.

Twenty five squares later, I stepped back and said "wow". Keep it simple. How much simpler could this be? Just mount the pieces and viola! Instant installation.

Fast forward again to this week and specifically last night. There was a lot of cutting, stitching and gluing happening in my studio.

Discharged black cotton, set of 9 © Jennifer Coyne Qudeen

The first set of 9 is complete. They are mounted on black on black foam core because I wanted something light and easy to ship just in case they are excepted into any exhibitions out of the area.

So...a big Thank You to Pam and Noela.

Oh! And Dorothy Caldwell. Can't forget Dorothy. This discharging and hand-stitching is all her fault anyway. Taking her Mark Making: A Book of Marks workshop in 2006 was what rocked my art world and set me on this path. Thank you Dorothy!


  1. No thanks needed, you did all the work! Can't wait to see the next nine. Love them.

  2. Pam - If you hadn't looked at them and imagined them on the wall, they'd be in a book by now. The thanks is deserved.

  3. Wow Jennifer they are beautifully assembled and look stunning their simplicity. F

  4. Hello! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving the comment ... about or shared home. Sounds like grounds for a get-together someday, yes? I'm liking your stitching. :-)

  5. Morna - Thanks! I like your work too. The felt pieces particularly. We definitely should get together. Who knows? Could be we live right around the corner from each other.

  6. SO stunning!
    you constantly inspire...

    xox - eb.


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