Thursday, June 9, 2011

It's finally Thursday!

What's so great about it being Thursday? Well...all that art cloth that I printed last week at Pam's house during our 2nd Annual Artist Retreat is scheduled to arrive today. Fingers and toes are crossed in hopes that the 3 boxes given over to UPS arrive safe and sound and filled with everything that was in them when trustingly, maybe naively, handed over for shipping. 

Last year, a few of the dearer pieces made the flight home with me. This year though, the dearer pieces are 6 lengths of cotton measuring 4.5 ft x 12 ft. That's a lot of fabric when folded and my carry on bag just wasn't big enough.

After printing like mad last Tuesday on the tables Mike, Pam's husband, had set up for us in the studio, 

the driveway was the only place we could think of that was big enough to display the massive amount of cotton.

Between Wednesday and Thursday, 2 more of these were printed - 1 gray, 1 black. The plans are to keep them simple. Keep them big. Edges need finishing and possibly the tiniest bit of hand stitching.

Never, in my wildest dreams, did I think I'd ever print 12 ft long pieces of art cloth. It's killing me that our house isn't large enough to hang them. Whose house is? Our driveway may become an art gallery as well to satisfy my need to see them all together.

My stash for the week:
 Five 12 ft pieces with 3 drop cloths on cotton


 more cotton

 black on black detail, cotton

 red on gray detail, cotton

 gray on gray detail, cotton

 red on gray detail, cotton

 gray organza over red cotton

I think you can understand why the excitement over it being Thursday.


  1. These are fabulous.
    I love the large scale.
    I love the idea of being dwarfed by the expanse of these pieces. Of not being able to see or touch the edges.

    Carry ON!!

  2. Judy - Thank you! I love your daily stitching installation too! Your message to me applies to your work as well. Can't wait to see what we both do with it all.


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