Monday, May 2, 2011

Cairn #1 Unwrapped - Elements 1 & 2 of 7

If you had been in my studio last Wednesday morning, you would have heard lots of oohs and aahs being uttered along with a of the variety that are more muttered under one's breath than uttered aloud for all to hear. You know the words I mean. Those colorful ones escaped when I tripped over the tripod - twice - in my enthusiasm to see what the next unwrapping would reveal.

Element 1 was actually 2 pieces that I'd laid the cotton between and then wrapped. After rusting together for over a year, it took a few hits with a hammer to separate them.

Element 2 was wrapped with a much smaller piece of cotton. Still, I like the result.

By the way, several pieces of cotton have black marks on them which I'm assuming is mold from being outside and getting thoroughly drenched repeatedly. This first round of photos were taken as I unwrapped the rusted elements. Whenever I become brave enough to wash the cotton, a second round of photos will be taken.

And, as yet, I have no idea what the future holds for the rusted cotton. Any ideas?


  1. So many words that mean 'delicious' come to my mind right now - such beautiful photographs witnessing the unveiling; and such wonderful marks on the cotton. Sigh. I'm sure you'll have fun fiddling with ideas for the cotton...I made some tree wraps from some of mine - embellished with calligraphy and bits of rust that went around some trees - now I am planning to wrap them around posts along our driveway...not for everybody I know!

  2. Fiona - Tree wraps. (insert big sign of delight here) What a fantastic idea. Not sure prim and proper Connecticut is ready for that, but I may just have to find out. Start small in my yard...maybe with a mailbox wrap. Wouldn't have to wash the cotton and remove all the lovely mildew or mold x's. Do you mind if I copy your idea? And do you have photos of your tree wraps on your blog somewhere? I'd love to see them.

  3. Hi Jennifer - of course! Feel totally free to wrap-away! Here is a page on my blog that shows them; if you search for posts under Fabric - you can see them in different places and guises. And yes, I like the idea of them being outside and not needing to fuss re the mildew or the mould..and then, I hope mine disintegrate and fade and shred and....kind of disappear.


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