Friday, May 6, 2011

Cairn #1 Unwrapped - Element 7

Element 7 was the base of the cairn and, as such, was half buried in mulch. Being the flattest of the rusted elements, it took the full force of all that Mother Nature could throw at it in the year of Cairn 1's life. Personally, I think the results are wonderful. The cotton from element 7 is definitely my favorite.


  1. wow!

    i love the look of these!

  2. Ronnie - Thank you! This is my favorite...I think. There's another that I plan to wash and stretch on canvas to display. May do the same with this.

  3. These are wonderful pieces. Do you still use this process in your work?

    1. Thank you Terry! Only this one cairn was left outside to rust and that was for a year. Several pieces had mildewed a bit and I became way too impatient to wait that long again. These days it's rusting inside with either vinegar or tea. Perhaps soon...


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