Saturday, April 16, 2011

Washington, DC

Washington, DC in the spring is a magical place to be. I'm here for a few days to play the tourist with my friend Pam. It's sort of old home week for us - we met when we both lived in the area and were in a fiber art group together. We're reminiscing, seeing friends, eating at favored restaurants, visiting old haunts. Relaxing, sharing and having loads of fun.

The past two days have been filled with taking in the Smithsonian Craft Show at the National Building Museum as well as viewing sketchbooks from the Sketchbook Project at Hillyer Gallery, shopping a bit, and eating. Dining rather. Dinner Wednesday at Afterwards, Thursday at Obelisk - a feast for any foodie - and lunch yesterday at Teaism.

 National Building Museum

 Smithsonian Craft Show

 Detail of vest I purchased from Juanita Girardin.
Constructed from vintage indigo dyed Japanese cotton.
Handwoven, pieced, stitched.

 National Building Museum gift shop. 

 Balloon vendor at Dupont Circle.

 Flowers and pastries at Marvelous Market.

Window grill at Hillyer Gallery


Our Friday night ended with attending the members opening reception of Green: the Color and the Cause at the Textile Museum.  It is a lovely exhibition with several stunning works. There were several people taking photos so I decided to snap a few myself. 

And I did, until the guard asked if I was a member of the press. Tempted to say yes, I opted to be truthful and put my camera away. Also made sure to keep my hands where the guard could see them each time we passed. He was watching me like a hawk ready to swoop down on dinner. Stay tuned for a few of my illicit photos.

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