Thursday, March 31, 2011

Infinite Variety Gift Shop

Is there anyone out there who doesn't love a really good museum gift shop? Be honest now. As exciting and enthralling as art exhibits can be, museum gift shops can be a sensory feast on a level that the exhibition cannot attain.

And so the American Folk Art Museum gift shop set up at the Infinite Variety exhibit proved to be.


  1. Absolutely! I am an unashamed fan of these shops and often spend as much time trawling thru their goodies as I do thru the galleries. This looks like a splendiferous bunch of delights!

  2. Fiona - It was a splendiferous bunch of delights! While I didn't buy anything there (went to the American Folk Art Museum's real gift shop later and purchased something), it was enjoyable looking and watching people almost fight over items. Most everyone wanted to take home something connected to the exhibition. Me, I took home lots of photos.


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