Friday, July 29, 2011

Rain, rain go away...

As you've already guessed, it's raining here today. It's also just a bit cold with temps in the mid-40's. Not exactly my idea of spring, but Mother Nature has a mind of her own and seems to have decided that this is what is needed today.

While I'd much prefer clear blue skies and warmth, the rain is welcome for it's effect on the cairn.

My neighbors are aware of my artistic bent so, hopefully, none found the sight of me in the rain precariously balancing a golf umbrella in an attempt to keep my digital camera dry long enough to take a few pictures of the cairn too odd. And if they did, well...hopefully they had a good chuckle over it.

This post is from April 2010 and has been reposted as part of The Altered Page's Buried Treasure hunt. It seemed appropriate today since the weather is much the same. The cairn has been dismantled though. If interested, just search on "cairn" for more posts re: the outcome.


  1. Now I'm really intrigued and will have to go in search of more cairn posts.

  2. ArtPropelled - I noticed you actually did go in search of other cairn posts. Hope you enjoyed them. My plan was to wrap another cairn this summer. Taller this time hopefully. Haven't gotten there yet, but will post photos when I do. Thanks for visiting!

  3. I gather you're a printmaker, so - now I have to dig for the Buried Treasure! I've only tried the printmaking process once, and although it wasn't a disaster, I wasn't at all happy with the results. I was a sign-painter in a former life, and did a number of gold leaf glass signs, and never had a bit of difficulty working in reverse. I don't know exactly how I would manage composition when the entire piece needs to be considered in reverse. How do you do that? Oh yes, a great post!

  4. MrCachet - Nice of you to consider me a printmaker. I was a contemporary basketry artist for over 20 years and am now a fiber artist in transition. Most of my work these days is either rusting, discharging or printing on cotton. The printing is done quite naively, but I like the results. Thanks for stopping by.


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